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24W Glue Cover Universal Plug in LED Power Supply Adapter (AC100V-240V to DC 12V 2A, for LED Strip)

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24W Glue Cover Universal Plug in LED Power Supply Adapter (AC100V-240V to DC 12V 2A, for LED Strip)

24W Glue Cover Universal Plug in LED Power Supply Adapter (AC100V-240V to DC 12V 2A, for LED Strip)

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Generally applicable to: led security, monitoring, advertising, display, audio, communications, IT, lighting, electronic, equipment, amplifiers, printers, LCD TV, GPS navigation, digital photo frames, industrial and other products.

Power adapter performance parameters:

1. The company's power adapter using pulse width modulation (PWM) switching technology designed to ensure the stability and efficiency of the adapter.
2. Input Voltage: AC 100-240V.
3. Working temperature: -25~65 ℃.
4. The efficiency of 80% or more, temperature ≤55 ℃.
5. Output voltage adjustment rate: ± 5%.
6. The rated output current: 2A
7. Current output range: 0~2A
8. Product interference, through the EMC testing, ripple ≤100MV.
9. Lead out: 0.3 to 1.3 square VDE power cord 150-3000CM
10. Enter the plug Optional: GB, American Standard, European regulations, Australian rules, regulations, and other British
11. Output interface: DC cigarette lighter seat waterproof seat and other aviation head.
12. Power Adapter with overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.
13. The constant voltage output to ensure the stability of the power, the better and longer life.

Power Adapter Product Features:

1.High power efficiency, with perfect protection circuit (covering overcurrent. Overvoltage. Overtemperature), had a built-in  power supply short circuit protection, load short circuit or overload, the product will be automatically protected. Reliability is a super power.
2.Light weight, easy to carry, to replace the traditional transformer (also called adapters).
3.Outdoor use products using sealed potting, waterproof, suitable for a variety of environments; easy to install, can be hung or laid flat on the supporting object; body products for indoor use is not waterproof, only suitable for installation indoors.
4.Wiring convenience: Product with input and output cable or terminal, identifies the product nameplate "INPUT" for power input, access to appropriate mains; "OUTPUT" for the power output, connect the appropriate use of electrical appliances The output "+" then the positive side of the electrical output "-" negative terminal connected appliances. There are conventional DC head, air head, waterproof connectors, polarity connectors with pin connector (also according to customer requirements).
5.Product wide range of options: The company is equipped with constant pressure and constant two series of products to choose from.
6.Charger category: according to customer requirements of various specifications of the battery charger (including NiMH batteries lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries nickel-cadmium batteries).
7.Product interference, through the EMC testing, ripple ≤100MV.
8.Efficiency of 80% or more, temperature ≤45 ℃.
9.Product has superior anti-interference, to ensure that the use 9.Wide input voltage: AC 90-265V for countries to use (mainly national ----- China, Europe, the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Singapore, Italy, France, Russia and other ).
10.Conventional output voltage 5V 12V 24V 36V 48V, the other according to customer requirements.


Packaging Details: Carton.
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days(FedEx or DHL).
Production Time: 1-2working days (depends on order quantity).
Weight: 0.11kg

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